Ian Mccall’s Attack On Kieran Tierney Is The Ranting Of A Bitter Man.


Ian McCall – just who exactly does this clown think he is? He is one the voices that proves the anti Celtic and pro Sevco bias in football. Imagine Neil Lennon, an ex-Celtic player and current manager, daring to say what McCall has about any footballer in the country what he said about Tierney recently? Imagine him suggesting that a player we were trying to sign – on the cheap – wasn’t worth the money that his club was asking, and doing everything he could to assist his us in driving the price down? Ian McCall infamously did that with Killie player Jordan Jones. Would Lennon be allowed to get away with it? Would Brendan? No he damn well wouldn’t. Even if he was asked a question about another player, directly, Neil Lennon – any boss with an ounce of professionalism – would refuse to answer it, and focus on his own team. And when it came to Kieran the other day, McCall didn’t need to be asked. He volunteered his ignorant opinion and not only gave our player stick for recent performances… Continue Reading

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